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Positive Succession

Positive Succession is a new service which will help charities to prepare for their Founder, CEO or long-term Board Chair to move on.

We know that people who are involved with charities are motivated by their passion for the organisation.  But this can make it hard for them to move on – from leadership positions, from the staff team or from the Board.


Positive Succession will support charities to address these challenges.  We work with staff and boards to identify pragmatic solutions so that both individuals and organisations can move forward in a positive, proactive and planned way.

Positive Successions is a partnership with Claire Nethersole.  https://www.cnfundraising.co.uk/

We work with CEOs, so that their process of moving on is positive and planned; and we work with Boards to start the process of enabling the changes needed to support the charity through transition.

If you are a CEO or board member, get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat about your charity and how Positive Succession can help you.