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Rowan Associates - See the wood for the trees

Why Rowan?

We adopted the Rowan tree as an image for our consultancy practice because of the remarkable qualities of this little tree.

Rowan trees are able to grow and thrive in just about any habitat: they adapt themselves to the challenges of any environment in which they put down their roots.

In young woodland, Rowan is an excellent supporting tree for other species, and will bow out once the larger trees become established and self-sufficient. Rowan is equally happy growing and supporting the ecology of rocky terrain or exposed mountains. In urban environments, all trees breath life into the air – and they form a vital network for sustaining urban ecology. Rowan flowers give sustenance to bees and beetles in spring. In the autumn and winter, rowan berries are loved by birds. They are rich in nutrients and have antiseptic qualities. (And they make delicious and nutritious jelly.)

Rowan is considered to be powerfully protective. It has traditionally been planted near homes to act as a guardian. Branches were taken into buildings to protect the inhabitants, and were used also to protect livestock from ‘evil spirits’. The wood is both strong and pliable, and was often used for riding crops and walking sticks. It was the wood traditionally used for making spindles and spinning wheels. A rowan churn-staff would ensure that the butter would thicken well.

Ancient cultures used rowans in rituals, to extract answers to difficult questions. Rowan was also said to improve the chances of success.

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