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Rowan Associates - See the wood for the trees

Rowan Associates was set up by Lori Streich in 1996.  We have over 25 years’ experience of supporting public and voluntary sector organisations to deliver effective services.

I specialise in supporting organisations to

  • develop their resilience
  • demonstrate their impact
  • identify best practice
  • engage with their stakeholders
  • support partnership and collaborative working

Mentoring and Succession Planning

I use my experience of the charity sector to

  • Mentor charity Chief Executives and those moving into leadership positions in charities.
  • Support charities to address the challenges they face when their founders or long-term CEOs want or need to move on, through the Positive Succession project 


Why Rowan?

  • Rowan trees are able to grow and thrive in just about any habitat: they adapt themselves to the challenges of any environment in which they put down their roots.
  • Rowan wood has been used to extract answers to difficult questions.
  • Rowan is said to improve the chances of success.

Why Rowan Associates?

We are inspired by public service providers which, like the Rowan tree, change and innovate so they can survive in difficult circumstances. As evaluators and impact specialists, we work with you to prove the value of your service.

We understand the environment you work in, and the demand to keep on delivering more with less.  We can help you to clarify what is most valuable about the services you provide or commission; and how to prioritise needs.  We are skilled at sifting and analysing your information and creating a path to success that is rooted in evidence.

Contact me Let’s have a chat about your challenges and what we can do to work through them with you