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Rowan Associates - See the wood for the trees


There has never been a more challenging time for the VCS.  And faced with so many demands, such deep change and increasingly limited funding, it can be difficult to think clearly and decisively.

Rowan Associates has over 25 years’ experience of helping organisations to see the wood for the trees.


We can help you with

Strategic planning

  • Supporting your organisation to adapt to change
  • Clarifying your mission and vision, and how to achieve them

Assessing need

  • Needs assessment
  • Understanding the views of stakeholders, customers and service users and designing services to meet them
  • Ensuring the right participation of the right people in your organisation and its development
  • Creating realistic plans based on stakeholder interests

Working in partnership

  • Bringing people together to develop sustainable services
  • Supporting effective collaboration, for example by facilitating dialogue and building workable protocols for partnership working
  • Measuring impact


Engaging the right people

We work with organisations and their stakeholders to ensure the effective participation of the right people in projects, developments and partnerships.


Lori sees issues clearly and understands the importance of involving local people in local decision making. She is committed to finding ways in which all stakeholders can express their views, and she has a good way of capturing these views and representing them clearly in reports which inform strategic decision making. I have all confidence in Lori delivering her work safely and on time.
Hugh Nettelfield

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